The People's Candidate

Corporations and special interests have controlled our Government for far too long. Votes are bought and paid for; leaving us without a voice at the ballot box. That ends in 2018. I represent the working-class: the honest, hardworking, law-abiding Americans who can't get an inch of upward mobility. Together, we are fighting for a country that allows its citizens to thrive. We are the heart of this nation. I will work for the people, write policy that will represent the majority, and ALWAYS be accessible to my constituents. (Send a Message Anytime! 

Hello my name is Roger Sayegh. I've lived in the Valley for longer than I can remember, and I've learned a lot. Not only about the immigrant communities that make up our land, but I heard their voices. A silent majority of immigrants live here, people who work long hours, often times taking up more than one job! Not for themselves, but for a better life for their children.

These mothers and fathers left their home countries to a land where they were promised a better education, safer streets, smart legislation, and an accepting community. They sacrificed years of their lives, and now wake up to a community with outrageous homeless rates, higher taxes, a degrading schooling system, and crime rates that just shouldn't be acceptable.

Frankly, we are letting District 18 down. The experienced politicians no longer have our best interests at heart.
I believe that by empowering Districts children, we will make California Affordable, we will make California Safe, and we will bring back the American Promise!

In the coming months during my Campaign I'm going to focus hard on a few key topics, like tax breaks for start up businesses in their first two years, how we plan to be smart on crime, not tough.. (Tough hasn't worked). Empowerment of The Strong Immigrant community that makes up District 18, and STRONG Accountability with our hard earned tax money.

Get out and Vote this June 5th! 

The People's Candidate
Roger Sayegh