Universal Healthcare?


Healthcare is a human right and everyone deserves world class healthcare. With the Trump administration’s gutting of Obamacare, it is crucial that we immediately step up and stabilize the healthcare market in California while taking steps towards a single payer healthcare system. We must send a clear message that we will only move forward and that we will never return to the previous status quo were women were charged more for healthcare and many sick people and their families went bankrupt. We won’t allow insurance companies to start denying people with pre-existing conditions, nor will we stand idly by while thousands of people are priced out of the market and denied life saving treatments. Our first step must be to mitigate the damage caused by the Trump administration. We can do this by creating our own statewide individual mandate and restricting the sale of short-term plans that skimp on actual coverage. We then need to enact a single payer system where every Californian has world class coverage.

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