I'm a lifelong Democrat who was born and raised in Southern California. It is imperative that in the corrupt era of Democratic, and Republican leadership; we elect a REAL Democrat to represent the 18th district. We are a community jam packed with migrants, who unfortunately don't get out and vote. So if you're reading this, it's up to you to carry their voices into the ballot. We need someone who is in tune with the values of the real Democratic party, someone who understands the struggles of the district. Someone who isn't afraid of standing up to the tyranny of Sacramento, and will fight full force to clean out the purchased politics.


Affordable Housing and Transportation


Housing has become too expensive in California, and the 18th district is at the epicenter of this crisis. This crisis has been caused by a shortage in new housing. The lack of affordable housing means that low income households have to forgo food and other necessities in order to pay rent. This hurts our families and our economy. To resolve this issue, we need to build more public transportation and more affordable housing. If it was up to me, we'd never have done the gas tax, and we wouldn't have this "bullet train" problem. It's true, we need stronger public transit; but the way to get there isn't in taxing the middle class, and OVER-spending by the billions in mismanagement. There is a better way, I ask you the people, to help us find it! 




Healthcare is a human right and everyone deserves world class healthcare. With the Trump administration’s gutting of Obamacare, it is crucial that we immediately step up and stabilize the healthcare market in California while taking steps towards a single payer healthcare system. We must send a clear message that we will only move forward and that we will never return to the previous status quo were women were charged more for healthcare and many sick people and their families went bankrupt. We won’t allow insurance companies to start denying people with pre-existing conditions, nor will we stand idly by while thousands of people are priced out of the market and denied life saving treatments. Our first step must be to mitigate the damage caused by the Trump administration. We can do this by creating our own statewide individual mandate and restricting the sale of short-term plans that skimp on actual coverage. We then need to enact a single payer system where every Californian has world class coverage.




Everyone deserves the American Dream and providing our children with a top notch education is crucial to allow people to achieve that. School segregation is a significant impediment to this goal. This is why I support passing a law that requires school boards to make reducing racial segregation a requirement in how the school zones are drawn. I am a proponent of offering universal free preschool. Students who attend preschool are far more prepared than their peers when they enter kindergarten. This should not be something afforded only to the children of the wealthy and powerful.


Election Reform


We need to limit the influence that large corporations and the wealthy have over our democracy. Millionaires and Billionaires should not be able to buy elections. That’s why I support giving citizens a voucher to donate to candidates or issues of their choice. This gives power back to the people and dilutes the influence of corporate money.


We must ensure that there are as few barriers to voting as possible. We should not disenfranchise any group of citizens, instead we should work to expand the right to vote.


Fighting Sexual Harassment and Women's Rights


No one should have to fear sexual harassment or assault. Every decent human being should be in favor of measures that protect workers from having their bodies violated. If elected I would ensure that such common sense measures are implemented statewide.

I am strongly in favor of establishing a universal childcare system. A universal childcare system coupled with a concerted effort to initiate a culture shift where fathers take a larger share of childrearing responsibility would be a large step towards eliminating the gender wage gap.

Protecting California Values


My mother immigrated to this country when she was a young girl. She came with my father, and when I was ten. He passed away. She would go on to become a leader, an entrepreneur, and put 4 kids through college. It was only thanks to Family Based Migration policies that she was able to attain her American Dream. That is why I take Trump and the Republican Party’s attacks on immigrants personally. Our country should never turn it’s backs on people who are willing to work hard and who contribute to the fabric of our society. Immigrants have long been the lifeblood of our society. We must ensure that the American Dream is available for all to attain. The Republican party has accepted Trump’s racism. They have failed to fight back against his support of white supremacists and blatant attacks on immigrants and our families. This is why we need to elect a senator who supports the American Dream for all of us. I will fight tooth and nail against his racism and to protect all of us from Trump and ICE’s reign of terror. No one should ever have to fear being detained and deported because of their race or ethnic background.


Climate Change and the Environment


Climate change is the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced. We need to immediately move towards a future where we get 100% of our energy from renewable sources. It is crucial that we invest more in storage batteries so that we can meet this goal. Oil companies must be held liable for the damage they have done to the world. We must use the money from the state’s cap and trade program to move towards this goal. We can not let a small group of politicians who publicly doubt the impact of climate change to hold the process hostage. This is why I am strongly opposed to prop 70. I will also fight to end fracking which is dangerous and damaging to our local water sources. HFC are some of the most significant contributor to climate change, we must therefore take steps to drastically curb the emission of them.

It is vital that we secure our future water supply. That is why I support building solar panels along the California aqueduct, this will prevent water from evaporating and will move us along the path to 100% renewable energy. We must also repair our existing water infrastructure and limit the use of water for landscaping.